About Us


Viet My Magazine is the most popular Vietnamese lifestyle magazine in the East Coast and just expanded in West Coast. Viet My was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2004, and has grown rapidly in popularity over the years. Today, we distribute over 20,000 copies every week to our readers across the major metropolitan areas in Virginia, Washington D.C, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and California and 2500 copies distributed monthly in Michigan.

Viet My is a weekly magazine covering a wide variety of Vietnamese interests, , ranging from entertainment news, sports, current affairs, politics, and local events celebrating the Vietnamese culture. The diversity of our magazine is what sets us apart from our competition, and has enabled us become the household name within the Vietnamese community. Viet My has become the magazine of choice for the Vietnamese reader, and our distribution continues to grow in proportion to the growth of the Vietnamese population.


I would like to offer your business the opportunity to reach thousands of Vietnamese consumers by advertising through Viet My magazine. We pride ourselves in providing personalized services for our advertisers, and would like to develop an advertising package the will make your business needs. Please contact me directly and together we can develop and advertising package that will make your business stand out to our readers. Contact me quickly… every day that your business is not in our magazine is a missed opportunity to tap into the active Vietnamese consumer market.

I look forward to develop a beneficial partnership with your company and Viet My Magazine.
Best Regards,

David Vo

CEO of Viet My Magazine.