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The sequel to one of the Wii Us most surprising games happens to be one of the best Switch games you can play today. In Splatoon 2, you take control over an Inkling with a penchant for covering large swaths of Inkopolis with paint. The default game mode is a 4v4 battle that tasks teams with spreading paint using various guns and brushes. Turf Wars is a fun spin on the territory control format. Here's the thing, it's important to combat our loneliness and stay connected during this time, and we can best do that by making the internet work for us rather than against us, as it's wont to do . There are lots of platforms that allow for multi-player gaming from different locations, and there's more than one to make offline-games communal. Remember in college when it was either Skype or ooVoo? https://playarcadegames.org/ , really. One without mandated curfews.

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