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Hit Your Reset Button In Santa Cruz County
Voyager also had the resetting shuttle bay. It carried a complement of eight shuttles initially. During the season 6 episode Alice, Chakotay comments that they've a full complement of shuttles. By this point in the sequence, 9 have positively been destroyed, and another 12 may have been destroyed. One egregious reset is within the episode "To the Death," where the Defiant returns to the station to seek out one entire pylon has been blown up by a Jem'Hadar raid.
Subverted with Richmond, the goth living behind a mysterious door within the IT office. The episode ends with a clear reset, with them encouraging him to again into isolation behind the door, however he continues to seem irregularly in later episodes all the identical. In the collection finale, a dialog between Freddie and Sam over the telephone mentions their earlier relationship when the two toyed with the thought of getting again together.
It makes for a stunning visible, however by the next episode the station looks like new. They apparently mounted the damage and stored devoted to the unique Cardassian architectural fashion. , he uses it one final time to revive everybody.
At the tip of the video he attempts to kill himself with a furnace to escape the docs, except it wasn't a hallucination this time. One two-parter episode of The X-Files known as 'Dreamland' has Mulder by accident swap our bodies with a Man In Black working at area 51. Travel Journal Unfortunately, they discover out there is no approach to change back, but luckily on the finish of the episode, every thing just sort of fixes itself, with time even reversing so that no-one remembers the occasions that occurred. It's a reasonably blatant Reset Button, and does not even make much sense in the way it works, however the episodes are such enjoyable anyway, most fans don't seem to care.
Though Mulder still has the waterbed the Man in Black put in his house, and may be very confused by it; a later episode has him saying "It was a present. I think." In an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place a genie in a lamp comes with a literal reset button. Used several occasions in Supernatural, though the principal characters are typically left conscious of what happened. In "Mystery Spot" the Trickster killed Dean over and over again, after which introduced him back as if nothing had happened following an excruciatingly humorous "Groundhog Day" Loop.
Then about 5 minutes later Carly goes up to kiss Freddie, which made individuals wonder what the purpose of the Sam & Freddie conversation was. Sam/Freddie got a 5 episode arc devoted to exploring that relationship. They break up for a myriad of causes and never communicate of it once more.

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