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The narrative of the Historic Casino Hall is something other than a story about a physical structure. "Club Gemütlichkeit!" was a trademark frequently utilized concerning exercises at the Casino Hall. Gemütlichkeit is a German word approximately meant mean a circumstance that initiates a positive state of mind, with an implication of having a place and social acknowledgment. The Casino Hall was intended to encourage this soul and for some ages it did.

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The Historic Casino Hall

The Early Years

The Historic Casino Hall was worked in 1881 by the Casino Society, a social club established in 1858 by a gathering of German outsiders in La Grange. The term club in this setting doesn't address a position of betting, but instead a get-together spot for social undertakings. The German workers framed the general public so they 카지노사이트meet up with other people who shared their language, customs and pursuits in this new weird land.

In the wake of growing out of their first gathering place, a wooden design which was inherent 1858, the Casino Society raised $12,000 to construct the Historic Casino Hall. The two-story block building was built to fill in as a presentation corridor, gathering spot and school. Albeit the Casino Society was initially settled for Germans just, throughout the long term the bias between the German outsiders and Americans blurred. When the Casino Hall was underlying 1881 it was utilized by the whole joined La Grange people group.

Notwithstanding Casino Society occasions and voyaging plays and shows, nearby gatherings like the Knights of Honor, the La Grange Minstrel Club and the Ladies Cemetery Association had numerous occasions there. It was additionally the site of the Fireman's Annual ball for a long time. As detailed in the La Grange Journal "when the Casino declares an amusement it should be a five star the whole gang who go to will discover gaiety, music and cheer controlling the hour."


The Historic Casino Hall was initially a presentation corridor and social affair place.

The Casino School

By 1884 there were 200 understudies, a blend of German, Czech and American-conceived understudies, going to the Casino School. Despite the fact that there were as yet normal dramatic exhibitions and balls, instruction had become the main role of the Casino Hall. This center strengthened as the craving to give a free government funded schooling to the whole local area expanded all through the province.

After a few public gatherings on the practicality of buying the structure from the Casino Society for use as a school, the Casino Hall was sold for $6,500 to the City of La Grange. Among developing worry over the blended utilization of the structure, city committee immediately passed a goal expressing that the Casino Hall could be utilized as a school and for no other reason. So the plays and gatherings stopped and offered approach to more learned pursuits.

By 1911, the La Grange Independent School District was made by demonstration of the Texas State Legislature. The Act stripped the City of La Grange of title to all state funded school property, including the Casino School. By 1924, LGISD moved into its new school assembling and sold the Casino Hall back to the city for $7,500 to be utilized for the Fire Department and City Hall.


Left: The school ball group around 1920. Right: The Fire Department Baseball Team.

La Grange City Hall and Fire Department

The local group of fire-fighters involved the primary floor of the structure and made a few changes remembering introducing enormous coves for the eat side of the structure, supplanting the little passage entryway and windows to oblige the fire engines. City Hall involved the second floor of the Casino Hall for a very long time until it moved to its new area nearby in 1968. The local group of fire-fighters at that point extended adding another narrows for a fire engine and renovating living quarters inside the station.

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