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The Medicine Bathroom Cabinet Is The Midst Of Your Bathroom
A blanket cover. Not for indoor use, obviously, but an old shower curtain is a valuable asset on a camping trip. Not only does it work as a tarp, but you can also throw it on top of your sleeping back and rest easy, knowing no raindrops will appear to disturb your sleep. And in the morning you can hang it from a tree and use it normally too.

The most common shape for shower curtain rods is obviously a round one, but there are also square ones available. A new trend has also made oval ones much more common. They often look a lot more special, unique and elegant, therefore they are preferred by many. The shape also does not have a big influence on the price or the functionality, so you can just pick the ones that appeal most to you. From my personal experience I cannot recommend rods with sharp edges, like some square ones have, because they are a nest for bacteria and dirt.

The shower curtain rods can have a great impact on how you feel while taking shower in bathroom. While dull shower curtain rods can dampen the look of bathroom trendy rods make bathrooms look really cool. However, you have to make sure the color and design you are choosing for your shower curtain rods match your bathroom walls and tiles used in bathroom floor.

You can wash your shower curtain in your basic everyday clothes washer. Just use about 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of bleach. Then add white towels and a regular amount of your normal laundry detergent and run the machine. Also use some liquid fabric softener. Do not run your machine on hot - plastic shower curtains could melt.

An elegant shower curtain is not a design accent that a lot of people think of having. special info 's a bit of expense, though not as much as some accent pieces, and most people just don't put that much thought into their bathroom accents. However, it's the accents that can make or break a room and so, when forced to choose, I will often choose accents over bigger pieces.

Even with the wide variety of curtain styles and sizes, you may still come to a time when you need to order a custom curtain to fit your tub or shower exactly. Most showers have dimensions that are standard, but some are oddly shaped, or you may have designed your own tub and shower, and you may need special order shower curtains in order to show off your tub and shower.

So, aside from that unmistakable stench, how can you tell if your Shower Curtain is made from PVC? Look for a "3" within the plastic recycling symbol or check to see if there's a "V" stamped in the plastic.

What would be your choice? Should your shower curtain rod be in chrome or brass? Should it just be polished or would you like one that's highly polished? The choice is yours. Then there are models of curved rods with steel tubes, chromium-plated, which make a striking difference to your bathroom. Or choose from rods forged in brass, available with chrome or satin nickel finish. Or maybe even a gold finish!

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