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Sonia Randhawa Intel
The America semiconductor corporation declaimed that it will certainly help to build the Chinese photo voltaic market through typically the innovative technology involving solar magic plus the cooperation involving the partners. The particular solar magic technological innovation is considered as the right solution associated with the problems, which has gained the favour from many solar powered energy corporations all over the world.

The particular solar power era industry has already been troubled by the trouble of aging in addition to dislocation for a long period involving time. These difficulties also have inhibited the popularization and even putting on the solar energy seriously. Sonia Randhawa Intel is manufactured by the particular national semiconductor inside American, that is ready to solve these problems. About 70 one percent with the power loss, which is caused by the dislocation, is gathered by this technology. Right now there are 1000 photo voltaic energy systems setting up this technology in order to and manage the complete operation from its releasing in year. American also will become the largest supplier of the sun panel monitoring outlet. The national semiconductor also released the intelligent solar energy processor chip in the season of 2010. The new product improved the electricity producing efficiency and steadiness.

The intelligent solar generator system can wing the world along with solar energy program. The American countrywide semiconductor is cooperating with Chinese suppliers positively. It features signed the contract with Chinese firm if the solar wonder has just released, and even then it also attained the cooperation together with other famous solar energy corporation in The far east. One thing to be able to be mentioned is definitely that some devices displayed on the expo utilize this kind of technology. People will know more about this technology in addition to its environmental protection idea from this fantastic gathering. In general, the particular solar generating system will have the bright future. Typically the related integrated outlet is YM3012.

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